Quick & Easy Ken Burns 3

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The Quick & Easy Ken Burns 3 plugin for FCPX allows you to add Ken Burns style effects (pan, zoom & rotate) to your clips, quickly & easily.

This Final Cut Pro X plugin's easily customizable, drag & drop presets allow you to simulate complex camera movements in very little time.

Key features:

  • On-screen Controls: intuitive on-screen controls make it easy to use and do quick reframing
  • 25 Presets: simply drag and drop or enter setup mode to fine tune your animations
  • Rate Control: precisely control how your animations begin and end. 
  • Constant Rate: use the constant rate to make it look like the animation continues after the end of the clip
  • Multiple Position Options: set your clips to stop at up to 4 different points during their animations
  • Rotation Control: easily add rotation animations to your clips
  • 4K Optimized: this plugin is a must have when editing 4K video
  • No Keyframing Required: all movements are easily created without the use of any keyframes
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