Action Cam Essentials
Action Cam Essentials

Action Cam Essentials
for Final Cut Pro X

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Action Cam Essentials for Final Cut Pro X is your solution for GoPro fisheye removal, dynamic stretching, color grading presets and widescreen letterboxing.


  • Fisheye Removal: automatic and manual modes for precise adjustment and removal of fisheye distortion from any wide angle lens.
  • Dynamic Stretching: stretch 4x3 aspect ratio footage to fit a 16x9 project without distorting your subject. This allows you to shoot using your GoPro or action camera's entire sensor and capture the maximum field of view (FOV) vertically and horizontally.
  • Color Grading Presets: over 20 professional color grading presets designed for use with the most popular brands of action cameras.
  • Letterboxing: achieve the widescreen look and reframe your shots by quickly and easily adding letterbox bars to your videos.
  • Title Layer Plugin: allows it to be easily applied to multiple clips at once.

  • Works with all versions of Final Cut Pro X.