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All of our Final Cut Pro X Plugins are 8K compatible.
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Some of our most popular & best Final Cut Pro plugins

Skin Smoothing Plugin for Final Cut Pro X - Remove Wrinkles, Blemishes, Glare, Acne, Etc...

Smoother skin quickly & easily with this powerful Final Cut Pro plugin

Skin Smoother
Regular price $19.99

Split Screen Plugin for Final Cut Pro X

100s of easy to use presets for UNLIMITED CREATIVE POTENTIAL

Screen Splitter 2
Regular price $19.99


Simply wonderful. The effects are amazing and installing them is a breeze. Siskel and Ebert, 2 thumbs up!

Tree House Films



FCPeffects has the best plugins for Final Cut Pro X. I look forward to expanding my set of FCPeffects plugins even more.

Kendall East



Second time purchasing from FCPeffects! As always great and very easy! Definitely recommend it if you use Final Cut Pro X!

Albert Ferdinand



You guys rock! Just found your site on the Apple plugin page for FCPX. I have been waiting for another company to update their miniature plugin, now I don't have to keep waiting. Thanks for the great stuff!

Cliff Hollis



Final Cut Pro X is the best video editing software. But the true power is being able to install plugins in 30 seconds, making outstanding editing easy. I love FCPeffects - all are incredibly detailed, giving you endless ability to configure.

Their support is amazing!

Mario Foster



Just wanted to say thanks for offering these plugins. They are helping a lot. Simple, effective plugins and spot on the right price, that it becomes a 'no-brainer' to buy them.

Chris Aldridge



We're very pleased with the FCPeffects.com plugins. Screen Splitter is easy to use and gives us an extra dimension to our productions. We love the 3D Perspective Plugin too! FCPX is great and FCPeffects is just so easy to integrate. Well done! Love your work.

Els Vam de Veire



It's simple, these are the best plugins on the market!

Marcus Lynam



Incredibly useful, great job, excellent site, ease of delivery, a big thank you.

Franck Hariri