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Cliff H. - USA

"You guys rock! Just ran across your site off the Apple plugin page for FCPX. I have been waiting for another company to update their miniature plugin and now I don't have to keep waiting. Thanks and thanks again for the great stuff!"

Scott E. - USA

"I am new to Final Cut Pro, but I cannot express how pleased I am with your plugins. You make me look like a seasoned pro. Your site is easy to navigate and even easier to load the plugins once purchased. Thanks so much!"

Kendall E. - USA

"FCPeffects has the best plugins for Final Cut Pro X that I have used. I look forward to expanding my set of FCPeffects plugins even more in the near future."

Mike H. - USA

"Hey there: I just completed a series of 4 videos for an important corporate client. Made extensive use of the Screen Splitter, White Balance, Skin Smoother plugins--even the 3D Perspective on a couple of computer screen grabs. 
Bottom line? Your plugins are great. They work as advertised, are easy to use, and don't seem to hog system resources (unlike Magic Bullet). And the price couldn't be better. Well done. Thanks—and keep them coming!"

Mario F - Canada

"Final Cut Pro X is arguably the best video editing software around to begin with. But the true power is to be able to install plugins like FCPeffects in 30 seconds to make outstanding editing easy to accomplish. I love the FCPeffects - all are incredibly detailed, giving you endless ability to configure. And their support is amazing - they know the software well and reply with meaningful responses."

Joe B. - Ireland

"If you want to speed up your workflow and end with the professional look, you can't go wrong with FCPeffects. Fast simple to use plugins, nice helpfull staff. I bought Organic Light Leaks, 3D perspective Plugin. THEY ROCK! BUY SOMETHING NOW!"

Khalilah H. - USA

"Very professional plugins, the best part is that they are really easy to use, especially if you are not a FCP expert, and if you are an expert in FCP, you can experiment a lot with them, and customer service was very helpful and fast when I had questions about downloading, which was also super easy thank you also good pricing with discounts!"

Kevin R. - USA

"FCPeffects is awesome! The plugins are easy to install, work very well and you even get a discount. Very very highly recommended plugins for FCP X. Thank you for all your hard work and effort!"

Ryan M. - USA

"FCPeffects is such a great resource for those of us that are self taught editors trying to make a living on the computer. The plugins are easy to install, super user friendly and provide an incredibly professional end result. I highly recommend all of their products, especially the White Balance plug in to all FCP-X users... trust me, it's money well spent!!"

Tree House Films - USA

"Simply wonderful. The effects are amazing and installing them is a breeze. I love the fact that little keyframing is involved with most of the effects. Siskel and Ebert, 2 thumbs up!"

Breanna B. - USA

"This site has the best effects. They are 100% affordable. I have almost bought all of there effects and totally love them. Keep up the good work =)"

Craig A. - USA

"Great plug-ins! Great customer service! Can't wait to see what more amazing tools you develop!"

Daniel L. - UK

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the wonderful plugins you guys make. I've been a regular customer ever since I got my hands on FCPX and I am still amazed at what good value for money they are when you consider the professional look they offer, the customisation options, the updates, and the regular churning out of new plugins. I won't even mention the fantastic discounts that land in my inbox on a regular basis.

Once again, a big, big thank you and keep up the good work!"

Forsyth Films - USA

"We dig your plugins, promotional discounts and fair prices. We will continue to purchase your plugins as we need them for our projects and our clients' projects. Keep up the good work!"

Els V. - Australia

"We're very pleased with the plugins. The Screen Splitter is so easy to use and allows us to give an extra dimension to our video productions. We also love the 3D perspective plugin. FCPX is great and is just so easy to integrate. Turner, well done! Love your work. Cheers, Els"

Robert P. - USA

"I just finished a pretty big edit for a client. I have been editing for many years but just two years ago I bought my first Mac and my own camera gear for freelance work. I was nervous doing a big project like this on my own. I guess after 25 years of someone shouting over my shoulder all the time, having the room silent was a little weird. Anyway as I dug in I realized something right away...editing with FCPX is much more fun than other systems...Adobe, Avid etc. I also want to say that using your plugins made the work much more enjoyable. You have provided a powerful toolbox to me and many others with which we can focus on the creativity of the edit process and not as much on the mechanics of making the whole thing work."

Marcus L. - Ireland

"It's simple, these are the best plugins on the market! It's gotten to the stage where I actually look forward to their new releases!"

Albert F. - Spain

"Second time purchasing from @FCPeffects! As always great and very easy! Definitely recommend it if you use Final Cut Pro X!"

Yorke S. - USA

"I had a problem with a plugin and contacted you guys. With in Minutes I had a reply in my email explaining the problem and a personalized coupon for my inconvenience! Thanks for the support and great plugins for very reasonable prices!"

Aaron W. - USA

"Incredibly useful, carefully thought-out, easy-to-use filters for FCPX. I use one or more in almost all my projects. Keep up the great work!"

Rick F. - USA

"You guys are great!!! These plugins are premium and very affordable...Professional look each time...."

Dave P. - USA

"Thanks Turner. I really love your stuff! You have brought a whole new level of posting to the FCP X ecosystem!"

Sergey I. - Russia

"Want to say for customers who speak Russian. Плагины "весят" мало, устанавливаются элементарно, работают великолепно. Рекомендую всем!"

Jerry A. - Canada

"Your plugins are straight forward and the things I/we need. I’m not a professional full time editor and have no interest in becoming one. I really didn’t like FCP 7 (to much of a learning curve). FCP X on the other hand is intuitive and straight forward, like your plugins. I’ve spend the last 20 years scouting and managing locations for TV Commercials (with a few series and feature films in between). I’ve branched out and have a sideline shooting stills for my own clients, and now video. 
When shooting stills I know in my head what I can do for my clients quickly in Photoshop, with video, I want the same comfort level and I don’t want it to be complicated. The more time I spend in front of my computer editing is less time I have for shooting. Which in the end mean less money. While I’m still upping my skills as an editor, your plugins make it easier to do the cool things or just the basics without taking anything away from the subject matter or time from my schedule. 
So I thank you and your staff for understanding what people like me need. It’s tough enough being freelance and hunting for work so it shouldn’t be made more difficult trying to figure out how to create an effect when a simple plugin can do it. And your prices are dead on. You are one of the few out there that gets it. Thank you."

Tony B. - USA

"As an Executive Producer for Reality TV and Documentaries, I was looking for plugins for Final Cut Pro X that are easy to install and have instant access on the editing software. FCPeffects makes the job of editing easy... 
When effects or transitions are applied through FCPeffects, the final project looks professional without spending a lot of time and money.  As a member of the Producers Guild, I endorse this product and highly recommend it to any producer that is looking for effects to add to their story."

David S. - Canada

"There are moments when you don’t want to… or have time to, for that matter…wrestle with technology to enhance/tweak a project. What Turner has done here with his intuitively accessible, easy to use and diversified offerings is a “Godsend”. 
Whether you are a creative or a practical nerd, simply put- Final Cut Pro editing becomes “easier”, “more fun” and “more dynamic” to use with Turner’s plugins. 
If that weren’t enough these plugins are incredible ‘bang for the buck’! We have used a number of “FCPeffects” in subtle and not so subtle ways to promote Special Olympics. Ultimately what counts = these ‘convenient tools’ have always delivered! Special Olympics London Ontario Canada salutes you Turner"

Franck H - France

"Incredibly useful, great job, excellent site, ease of delivery, a big thank you…"

Larry A - USA

" FCPeffects folks are the best! First of all, your entire website is like an old, new friend. It's easy on the eyes, your products are excellent, the price is wayright and your demo/tutorials, fun music and all, make for a very compelling package. I will now buy this UNFOLD plugin and be able to use it immediately.

I downloaded fcpx the day it came out and, in spite of early glitches, the program has matured and it is now my mainstay. With your products I am able to do very creative, stylish and precise editing.

In particular, Fisheye Removal is superb. Like many, I've found affordable excellence using DSLR/DSLM cameras (GH2 now, huge m43 fan as I do wildlife/nature docs) and discovered the ridiculously sharp and inexpensive Rokinon/Samyang 7.5 fish. Less than $300! Crazy good manual lens perfect for video and with Fisheye Removal, awkward looking shots are suddenly well behaved. "

Melange Design - Netherlands

"I've bought almost all the effects! They're easy to use and the most important they look great! The screen splitter is so easy to use and gives my promotion video's a professional look! The 3d effect is perfect for dynamic screenshots and the advanced masking tool 2 gives me a mask in a few seconds. BPM makes a boring video instantly interesting. The new unfold transition is just what was missing. Keep up the good work!"

Jay D. - USA

"We work exclusively in FCPX, so naturally, FCPeffects meets and exceeds all of our plugin demands. The simplicity of using the plugins, makes FCPeffects a great choice. Highly recommended."

Ralph R. - USA

"I purchased Light Rays several months back. I lost my download link and contacted customer service. FCPeffects got back to me within minutes with my download link. Outstanding customer service!!! The next day I purchased BPM, Screen Splitter, and Color Command Pro Grades. I can't wait to implement these new plugins with my next project. FCPeffects rocks!!!"

Chris A. - UK

"Just wanted to say thanks for offering these scripts (plugins). I'm slowly migrating across to FCPX and they are helping a lot. Simple effective scripts (plugins) and spot on the right price, that it becomes a 'no-brainer' to buy them."

John G. - USA

"I appreciate the quality of your site, ease of delivery, etc. You've done it right!"

Stuart B. - USA

"I think you have a great site and all the effects I've downloaded have installed perfectly and work great!"

Olivier R. - France

"I wanted to thank you again for the great work you bring to the FCPX community. I also wanted to congratulate you on the design of your site. Corrugated cardboard and torn, graphically beautiful and simple, but effective! I love it! 
I take this little message to contact you and the American people, my condolences for the loss of Steve Jobs. A huge loss for the United States and the world. He changed our lives multimedia. The keynote without Steve will not be the same. Good day to you, a MacUser sad but confident for the future of Apple!"

Mauro V. - Italy

"Turner, I just wanted to thank you for making things easier and more enjoyable to everyone who wants to tell a nice story through moving images. Your plugins ROCK! Thank you!"

Cristian G. - USA

"Thank you FCPeffects family for giving me a great new way to edit my projects. With a baby on the way, saving money has become a priority. has made that easy and helps me be efficient with my editing. I've become a regular visitor of your site. I'm so glad I clicked on that YouTube video with your promo! Thank you so much. I can't wait to see what else you come out with!"

Enoch J. - India

"I just wanted to tell you how God has blessed you with wonderful talent in making plugins like these. I bought the Mask plugin, it's really wonderful. I will surely buy more products from your site. God bless you and keep up the good work."

Luke H. - US

"@FCPeffects thanks for making easy, fast and affordable plugins. I'll be buying more! #FCPX"

Brian D. - UK

"@FCPeffects my favourite FCPeffect plugin is split screen... I used it on a job, clients were impressed and it was so easy to use."

Sam B. - USA

"Screen Splitter is working fantastically. I will most definitely be returning to check out some of the other plugins and effects, along with recommending your company to any other video/film editors I run into. Thank you again!"

Marcel C. - Netherlands

"I've been using split screens in my latest movie! Thanks, so easy."

Ringo R. - Brazil

"@FCPeffects very cool screen splitter, is so easy to use!"

Jason L. - USA

"Great site! I love what you've done...please keep 'em coming!"

Mark M. - UK

"@FCPeffects: love your website. It looks great :-)"

Dexter A. - UK

"Loving your site. I can't thank you guys enough for the help!"
White Balance Plugin
White Balance Plugin
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Skin Smoother
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Finishing Plugin 2
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