Skin Smoothing Plugin for Final Cut Pro X - Remove Wrinkles, Blemishes, Glare, Acne, Etc...

Skin Smoother
for Final Cut Pro X

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Quickly smooth out unwanted skin details with this powerful & easy to use FCPX plugin.

Some key new features of version 2 of Skin Smoother include:

  • Precise color sampling: sample the skin tones directly from your clips, no more matching up with preset skin tones.
  • Faster rendering: render times have improved drastically, in most cases render times are between 3-5X shorter.
  • Fine tuning: there is now a lot more control over the look of your adjustments, allowing you to consistently achieve more natural results.

  • FCP 10.2 or newer is required. Watch an in-depth tutorial below.

    Like all of our other plugins, Skin Smoother 2 is also M1 compatible!