Finishing Plugin 2

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Finishing Plugin 2 for FCP makes it incredibly easy to add the finishing touches to your projects. It features advanced on-screen controls that makes framing easier. You can achieve perfect results quicker and easier with fast previews with 10 unique presets. Our Finishing Plugin 2 guarantees perfect editing results every time.

It also features quick adjustments to let you make edits that improve your video’s final look. It’s a must-have for video editors, either professionals or not, as finishing touches are one of the most important parts of creating stunning videos. Paying attention to the finest detail helps perfect the final product.

To make your creative projects absolutely flawless, use our highly recommended Finishing Plugin 2 to add final touches that will make your video visually stunning. It works with all versions of Final Cut Pro X and will make your work professional looking and gorgeous without breaking the bank.

Adding finishing touches to your videos can be a long and tricky phase. To make your project be the best it can be, use the Finishing Plugin 2 to make touch-ups and adjustments. It’s creative, practical and very easy to use. Here are the new features of Finishing Plugin 2:

  • More range: easily make quick adjustments more precisely with support for midtones.
  • Faster rendering: preview and export your adjustments sooner.
  • Advanced framing controls: on-screen framing controls and guides to make perfect framing easier than ever.
  • Presets: 10 presets to make achieving the perfect results even faster and easier.

Works with all versions of Final Cut Pro X.