Skin Smoother 2

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Quickly smooth out unwanted skin details with this powerful & easy to use FCPX plugin. Skin Smoother 2 features precise color sampling, faster rendering and fine tuning that help in letting you achieve more natural and high-quality results. These effects will make your work more polished, flawless and captivating.

This powerful plugin is easy to use, customizable and perfect for beginners and professionals. We also offer affordable prices and discounts for all your Final Cut Pro X editing needs.

FCPeffects’ Skin Smoother 2 plugin is easy to use, provides stunning results and is perfect for personal or professional use. This powerful Final Cut Pro X plugin is essential for all your video editing needs. Some key features of Skin Smoother 2 include:

  • Precise color sampling: sample the skin tones directly from your clips, no more matching up with preset skin tones.

  • Faster rendering: render times have improved drastically, in most cases render times are between 3-5X shorter.

  • Fine tuning: there is now a lot more control over the look of your adjustments, allowing you to consistently achieve more natural results.

  • FCP 10.2 or newer is required. Watch an in-depth tutorial below.